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Maverik is simply the Best of the West and now California residents will begin to understand why. The first location has just opened up in Oroville and soon you'll be seeing more stores.

Not only do they go out of their way to have Excellent Products and Service, including some of the best food items made fresh daily at each store, their prices are Great. You have to try their BonFire Menu.

We are Huge fans of their NITRO Black Debit card where you can pay and go, and save 6 cents at the pump every time. Combine that with their price match and Maverik gives you The Best Deal, Period!

They even have a Map Link on the website where you can see the current fuel price by store and when you click, it shows the stores nearest to you NOW. And even better, when you belong to the NITRO Black Debit card program, you get your 6 cents off That Price. This is just Outstanding.